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0003358ardourfeaturespublic2010-07-23 17:252010-07-23 19:32
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Summary0003358: Auto-connect new MIDI tracks with matching softsynth register
DescriptionThis is how I propose we simplify the creation and routing of MIDI tracks and softsynths using bristols sidney sid emulator as an example.

The option could be called something like 'Auto-connect new MIDI tracks with matching softsynth register' and I think it would be most at home under Preferences -> Audio -> Connection of tracks and busses. When you have this enabled it would auto-connect the MIDI output of the Ardour MIDI track labelled 'sid1' to the softsynth called 'sid1'n in this example. If you have bristol installed you would start it with a command like:

startBristol -sidney -register sid1

If you ran that when you have an Ardour MIDI track called 'sid1' it would know to auto-connect one to the other.

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danboid (reporter)
2010-07-23 17:36

It should also auto-connect the audio output of the softsynth to a matching audio-track with the same name - or might that be better adding as another option- to do both?
danboid (reporter)
2010-07-23 18:17

Autoconnect new softsynths to audio and MIDI tracks with matching names

could be the name of the all inclusive singular option and thats what I'm leaning towards now personally

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