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0003243ardourfeaturespublic2010-06-15 12:522014-12-28 16:26
Assigned Todrobilla 
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Summary0003243: Velocity Slider
DescriptionUnder A3 7255, any MIDI note inserted via the Draw/Edit MIDI note tool is given the sensible default velocity of 64- if you want any other note you have to adjust it afterwards. There just so happens to be a gap just wide and tall enough on a fully expanded (ie when the channel selection matrix pops up) A3 MIDI track to nicely accommodate a slider that could be used the set the velocity of any note created with the mouse.
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related to 0004324resolveddrobilla A3 should have MIDI velocity editing facilities 

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naught101 (reporter)
2014-12-23 06:16

Probably a better UI: [^]
drobilla (developer)
2014-12-28 16:22

... that "better UI" isn't for the same thing.
drobilla (developer)
2014-12-28 16:26

Thinking about this, I thought of something a bit different: basing the inserted note's velocity on the previous note's. Then I realized it could interpolate between the previous and next note's, to fit in with the dynamics of the section, so did that.

It seems pretty good in a "usually do the right thing" sense, and certainly beats twiddling a slider for the common case. You can sort of treat the first inserted note as such a slider and get the same behavior.

So, I'm going to presumptuously read this ticket as "no good way to set the velocity of inserted notes" rather than literally requiring a slider in the header, and close it. Feel free to reopen with commentary if you disagree or think of improvements.

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