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0002102ardourfeaturespublic2008-02-25 16:352009-11-16 07:04
Assigned Topaul 
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Summary0002102: Configuration Files
DescriptionIt would be nice if ardour could follow the freedesktop standard for configuration files. [^]
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paul (administrator)
2008-02-25 17:14

what problem would it solve? what new features would it bring?
b0ef (reporter)
2009-04-11 07:46

Well, you're supposed to put the configuration files in ~/.config, not mess up the home directory with your own ~/.ardour*

paul (administrator)
2009-04-11 13:09

alas, you didn't answer the question. to backup *my* case, i offer ls -d ~/.??*:

.albumart .ccache .emusicj .gconf .gstreamer-0.10 .icons .metacity .pulse-cookie .subversion .Xauthority
.aliases .config .environment .gconfd .gtk-bookmarks .inkscape .mozilla .purple .tagtoolrc .xchat2
.ardour2 .cvspass .environment~ .gegl-0.0 .gtkrc-1.2-gnome2 .jackdrc .mplayer .qt .themes .xmms
.ardour3 .dbus .esd_auth .gimp-2.4 .gvfs .kde .nautilus .realplayerrc .thumbnails .xsession-errors
.bash_history .dmrc .evolution .gimp-2.6 .hdsp_simple.mix .ladspa .netx .recently-used.xbel .tomboy .zcompdump
.bash_logout .emacs .fontconfig .gnome .hplip .local .openoffice .rezound .tomboy.log .zshenv
.bash_profile .emacs~ .functions .gnome2 .hydrogen .mailcap .rubberband.wisdom.d .transmission .zshrc
.bashrc .emacs.d .gaim .gnome2_private .ICEauthority .mcop .openoffice.org2.0 .rubberband.wisdom.f .Trash
.cache .emusic .gcjwebplugin .gnupg .icedteaplugin .mcoprc .pulse .ssh .wapi
b0ef (reporter)
2009-04-28 15:38

Well, this is the free desktop pseudo standard and it would be nice if applications started following it.

You're supposed to read the $XDG_CONFIG_HOME variable to decide where to store the applications configuration files. Not all applications does this, as you've demonstrated, but this pseudo standard is supposed to help us achieve some consistency and order.
b0ef (reporter)
2009-11-08 15:20

This just went into ardour-3 RCS

Please close this bug.
paul (administrator)
2009-11-16 07:04

see notes.

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