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0001152ardourfeaturespublic2005-11-21 00:022010-07-21 08:47
Reporterep woody 
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Summary0001152: The option to remove a gainpoint and (multi)select then
DescriptionAs far as I could see, It's not possible yet to remove the gain-points? This is especially an issue when you are doing a lot of envelopestuff.

I'd also like the possibility to multiselect a couple of lines so you can adjust their volume at once.
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ep woody (reporter)
2005-11-22 00:05

I found how to delete gain-points. A bit difficult that you have to find it in the manual, but that's just a minor detail.

The feature, for multiselecting lines/gainpoints, stays open...
jdpindynet (reporter)
2009-07-04 04:40

As of Ardour2 version 2.8 this feature is implemented. When you point at an automation event point and click on Shift+Right Click the automation event point is deleted. When you point at the automation line click-drag the line, the two points (one immediately to the right and one immediately to the left) are edited, and the line is smoothly connected to previous and following lines. I think this issue is mostly resolved. Perhaps a feature request for multi-selecting lines and gain points should be added.
seablade (manager)
2009-07-04 12:35

Well one part of this is resolved, multi-selecting lines or areas of automation still doesn't let you update all of them at once to my knowledge though sadly, I am updatying this as a feature request for future versions of Ardour.

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