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0000098ardourbugspublic2003-11-21 18:51
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Summary0000098: compensation for playback latency in recording not working as expected
DescriptionOk, first i explain my setup a bit:

Soundcard: terratec dmx xfire 1024 [alsa 0.9.8]

Jack: 0.80 [started with jackd -R -d alsa -d hw:0 -p 512 -n 20. I give it 20 periods, because latency is not an issue for me. i want no xruns whatsoever. period size seems to be fixed to 512 with the alsa driver, so increasing buffer size is only possible with increasing the number of periods]

Ardour: 0.9beta6

Task: Record a guitar backing track and then a solo track

External Connections: guitar into simple mixer, mixer into line in of the soundcard. Then in alsamixer i selected line in as the capture source..

Problem: Recording the backing track works fine. no xruns, etc.. But recording the solo track has the problem that it gets recorded with around 10700 frames delay [20 periods * 512 frames = 10240 _plus_ [maybe] 512 frames input buffer]. This produces an audible offset when playing back both tracks. I verified the number of frames by recording the clicktrack of ardour and comparing it to the _real_ measure boundaries.
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2003-10-26 22:48

reporter   ~0000107

oops, wrongly clasified as severity "feature". should be "bug" i suppose..


2003-10-26 22:49

reporter   ~0000108

With fewer periods, the offset gets smaller, but is still there..


2003-10-27 02:16

reporter   ~0000109

I also forgot to mention, that initially i used a debian package of ardour. With the 0.9beta6 the offset is reduced to around 10240 frames [with 20 periods of size 512]. So maybe that helps.


2003-11-21 18:51

reporter   ~0000192

since this is a duplicate i can as well close it.. though i didn;t find the other report describing the prob.

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