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0009740ardourbugspublic2024-07-11 18:17
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Product Version8.6 
Summary0009740: Arrangement copying with varying tempos incorrectly modifies tempo maps
DescriptionI am working on a project in which the tempo varies throughout the song, and am using the new Ardour arrangement feature to have sections, and then copy these sections throughout instead of just manual copying and pasting. When doing this, however, if there is a tempo change to the left of the section (that is not included in it), it will not be properly pushed over, and the regions within the copied section will be strangely spread out.
Steps To Reproduce* Create a section with multiple regions (takes) inside with a given tempo
* After this section, change the tempo and create another section to the right of it with a differing tempo
* Attempt to copy the first region in between the two regions
Additional InformationAttached is a before-and-after of attempting to copy the section "intro scring + bass" in between the previous one and "footsteps"



2024-07-10 21:29


ardour2.jpg (154,944 bytes)   
ardour2.jpg (154,944 bytes)   
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ardour1.jpg (154,657 bytes)   


2024-07-11 18:17

reporter   ~0028813

It looks like this really only happens with MIDI regions, not audio regions (I believe the two use different times internally, perhaps there is something wrong with how Ardour moves the MIDI time that is correct with how it translates audio time).

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