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0009724ardourbugspublic2024-06-20 00:05
ReporterMarcks Assigned Tox42  
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PlatformUbuntuOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version8.6 
Summary0009724: Trim knob glitches when multiple tracks are selected
DescriptionWhen multiple tracks are selected in the mixer, dialing the trim knob changes the trim on all of these tracks. This causes issues if the tracks did not have the same trim to begin with, because the trim range is no longer capped at -20 dB and +20 dB. As soon as the trim on one of these tracks exceeds this range, the dials do not respond correctly to being dragged.

More importantly, I've had tracks end up at -138 dB trim, at which point they are completely silent, the meters don't move, and it is not obvious visually why they stopped working.

I would recommend the trim setting to actually be capped at -20 dB and +20 dB if that's all the UI allows.
Steps To ReproduceFor example: create two tracks, trimmed at 0 dB and -20 dB. Then select both and drag the trim on the first track further down.
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2024-06-19 22:44

administrator   ~0028794

The actual issue is that trim is grouped in the first place.

Pre-fader, Pre-FX gain is very track specific.


2024-06-19 23:19

administrator   ~0028795

Ardour 8.6-273-gd2fdd72bc4 adds constraints (for Trim -20.. +20dB), and also no longer implicitly groups trims controls

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