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Summary0000972: Audition soundfiles with the proper speed in the Soundfile Library
Description If jack is running with a samplerate of 44.1 khz and,
before inserting a soundfile of 48khz, you wish to audition it,
the sndfile will be played at 44.1/48 of the real speed (slower).
In the oposite case the result is the soundfile being played faster.
The 44.1 and 48 Samplerate values are only examples.
There's a program called RESAMPLE, not libsamplerate (SRC).
This program can resample soundfiles or the output of a pipe
in realtime.
Resample can also be used as a library, libresample I think.
Link for resample: [^]~jos/resample
Resample is also included in PLANET CCRMA

I suggest incorporating support for the resample library to do resampling
in realtime (playing soundfiles with different samplerates than that
jack is running with). NO harm done should be done to libsamplerate(SRC).
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2005-05-07 03:53

reporter   ~0002220

What I suggest is not to change JACK's engine samplerate, but to change the samplerate of the soundfile (in realtime) to match JACK's sampletrate before the sound is played by the Auditioner.

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