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0009717ardourbugspublic2024-06-06 13:50
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Product Version8.6 
Summary0009717: lost samples in drumkv1 with liblilv >= v0.24.22
Description- save an ardour session with drumkv1 plugin configured with some samples
- quit and restart ardour
- everything in the session is OK except that all samples in drumkv1 have been lost

This happens for me on a debian 13 system (Trixie, aka 'testing'), with ardour and drumk1 installed as regular debian packages:
ardour debian package 1:8.6.0+ds-1
drumkv1-lv2 debian package 0.9.90-1

I discussed the issue with the author of drumkv1 and he spotted the problem: it happens with liblilv-0-0 package version >= 0.24.22 (i had 0.24.24-2). After downgrading liblilv-0-0 to version 0.24.14-1 everything works fine. Note that qtractor is not affected, whatever the liblilv version, thus i do not know if it's actually a bug in libliv or in ardour, or rather a subtle buggy interaction between both.

The discussion with drumkv1 author can be read here; (it starts with old 2018 messages, but the current conversation is at end of page)
Steps To Reproduce- on an updated debian testing system with ardour, drumkv1, liblilv-0-0 installed from debian packages
- create ardour session with a midi track with drumkv1 lv2 plugin
- in drumkv1 add 3 samples
- save session
- quit and restart ardour on this session
- track and plugins are there, but samples are lost
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2024-06-05 09:03

reporter   ~0028777

update from Rui Nino Capela here:


2024-06-05 09:34

reporter   ~0028778

confirmed that the bug is indeed in liblilv (; a merge request has been already proposed with the fix:

- Fix lilv_state_new_from_file() parent path (state dir)


2024-06-05 17:47

administrator   ~0028779

official Ardour binaries come with liblilv 0.24.13


2024-06-06 13:50

reporter   ~0028782

@x42: good to know--anyway, the writing is on the wall ;)

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