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0000097ardourbugspublic2003-11-26 03:32
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Summary0000097: sw/hw monitoring in options dialog not working as expected
I tried to disable all monitoring, but turning on/off sw-monitoring in the option dialog don't make a diff. The only way to disable sw-monitoring for me is to _enable_ hw-monitoring which does not work on my soundcard but seemingly disables sw-monitoring as a side effect.
Additional Informationsetup:

kernel 2.4.22 lowlatency patched
ardour 0.9beta6
jack 0.80 started with/without -hwmon [doesn't make a diff]
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2003-11-17 23:04

reporter   ~0000181

My tests show that 'SW monitoring off' *does* work once you are rolling, but in
the record armed state ardour does indeed provide software monitoring.


2003-11-26 03:32

reporter   ~0000202

This has been fixed with the new input monitoring code

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