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0009681ardourbugspublic2024-04-01 08:16
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Product Version8.4 
Summary0009681: Copy and Paste of selected midi parts: wrong position of parts in editor
DescriptionIf you select some midi parts in the editor and you press control+c and you afterwards press control+v on a new position in the editor: the parts are not in the same order as they have been copied. (see pdf file)

The special situation here is: There are empty tracks in between the selcted midi parts and after control+v this gaps are gone and the midi parts of the ollowing tracks have been moved to the former empty tracks
Steps To Reproducesee above
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2024-03-30 17:50


picturers.pdf (165,988 bytes)


2024-04-01 08:16

reporter   ~0028623

This also happens if the midi parts are in one group. See picture: the red midi parts are a copy of the yellow ones on the left side. The parts are al in gropus to make an arrangement with them. As you can see: in the red copied group, the gaps between the midi parts collapsed.
tracks-in-a-group.png (25,539 bytes)   
tracks-in-a-group.png (25,539 bytes)   

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