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0009658ardourbugspublic2024-03-07 13:51
ReporterBrentBaccala Assigned To 
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PlatformUbuntuOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version8.4 
Summary0009658: Wall Clock does not display on Ubuntu
DescriptionThe "Wall Clock" in the status line does not display, at all, on either of my Ubuntu systems. Both are running Ardour compiled from git master (very recent).

I can resolve the problem, and get the wall clock to display, by commenting out this line in

- _status_bar_visibility.add (&wall_clock_label, X_("WallClock"), _("Wall Clock"), false);

My guess is that the hbox->pack_end call 20 lines earlier conflicts with the _status_bar_visibility_add. Ironically enough, I'm guessing that the wall clock displays on macOS but not on anything else, which is exactly the reverse of the desired behavior.

My suggestion is to remove the call to _status_bar_visibility_add completely, and only call hbox->pack_end if we're not on __APPLE__.

It works for me.

I also fixed the call to "set_name" earlier in the code, because it couldn't possibly be right, though I don't understand what it does.

Suggested patch:

--- a/gtk2_ardour/
+++ b/gtk2_ardour/
@@ -783,7 +783,7 @@ ARDOUR_UI::build_menu_bar ()
        wall_clock_label.set_name ("WallClock");
        wall_clock_label.set_use_markup ();
- timecode_format_label.set_name ("WallClock");
+ timecode_format_label.set_name ("Timecode");
        timecode_format_label.set_use_markup ();
        peak_thread_work_label.set_name ("PeakThreadWork");
        peak_thread_work_label.set_use_markup ();
@@ -814,7 +814,10 @@ ARDOUR_UI::build_menu_bar ()
        hbox->pack_end (error_alert_button, false, false, 2);
+#ifndef __APPLE__
+ // OSX provides its own wallclock, thank you very much
        hbox->pack_end (wall_clock_label, false, false, 10);
        hbox->pack_end (*ev_dsp, false, false, 6);
        hbox->pack_end (disk_space_label, false, false, 6);
@@ -838,10 +841,6 @@ ARDOUR_UI::build_menu_bar ()
        _status_bar_visibility.add (&sample_rate_label, X_("Audio"), _("Audio"), true);
        _status_bar_visibility.add (&disk_space_label, X_("Disk"), _("Disk Space"), !Profile->get_small_screen());
        _status_bar_visibility.add (&dsp_load_label, X_("DSP"), _("DSP"), true);
-#ifndef __APPLE__
- // OSX provides its own wallclock, thank you very much
- _status_bar_visibility.add (&wall_clock_label, X_("WallClock"), _("Wall Clock"), false);
        ev->signal_button_press_event().connect (sigc::mem_fun (_status_bar_visibility, &VisibilityGroup::button_press_event));
Steps To ReproduceRun Ardour on Ubuntu. No wall clock on the status line. Does it appear on macOS? I don't know.



2024-03-07 13:23

administrator   ~0028586

How about other optional optional items? Can you toggle "File Format", "Path to Session", etc?
I just verified that all those work here with local build (Debian) as well as the official binary.

ALso check `~/.config/ardour8/config` for `UI status-bar="..."` does that list include "WallClock"?


2024-03-07 13:51

administrator   ~0028587

PS. "set_name" is used for theming and unrelated for the issue at hand

Thanks for catching that. I've just fixed that.

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