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0000962ardourbugspublic2009-10-20 22:01
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Summary0000962: MTC is not sent when rewinding
DescriptionWhen fast forwarding MTC follows, when rewinding, it stops sending
the time. It appears that after rewinding and then fastforwarding that the MTC does not get sent until the playhead reaches the position where the rewind was begun. This last characteristic does not appear to always apply.

Running nightly build downloaded 2005-04-17
jack ver 0.99.0
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related to 0001509 new MTC quarter frame messages are not sent when running in reverse 



2005-05-04 10:43

administrator   ~0002201

could you expand on your description somewhat - i am not totally sure what you mean.


2005-05-04 18:14

reporter   ~0002205

Basically what was happening:

When I turn MTC on and watch the time on my MCS-3800, the time is updated properly for all opperations, but when I start rewinding, the time freezes. If I fast forward the time code follows, but not with rewind -- or when the play head is going backwards. Am I making sense?


2009-07-05 03:55

manager   ~0006309

Is this still an issue in recent versions of Ardour (2.8 or newer?)


2009-10-20 22:01

developer   ~0006796

Last edited: 2009-10-20 22:02

Just tested and this is still a problem.Ardour does not generate MTC when the transport is going backwards. If you grab the vari-speed control and drag it around then MTC is generated at any +ve speed. If you drag the control to any -ve speed MTC output stops. 90% of the time it starts again when the transport direction is dragged back to being +ve. Tested in 2.8.3.

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