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0000096ardourbugspublic2003-12-12 21:43
Reporternbd Assigned Toessej  
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Summary0000096: Editor window; clicking track info area & mixer strips appearing/disappearing issues
DescriptionStart new session, add few tracks, click the info area of some track, a mixer strip appears to the left, click other track's info area, it replaces the mixer strip instead of adding it.

Then hide some track and bring it back, then clicking the info area of this track won't add mixer strip anymore.

Repeat the track hiding/unhiding -> mixer strip appearing works again (but still only one strip is maximum amount)

Also, when mixer strip has appeared and you click info area of some other track that is _not_ colored (colored in the way it gets colored when you click it), the mixer strip disappears.

Gee, again I managed to explain things in very complex way, but feel free to ask more information if you don't understand this.
Additional InformationArdour/GTK 0.407.1 running with libardour 0.695.0
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2003-10-30 13:56

reporter   ~0000130

Related Bug:

Let's say we have 4 tracks in our session. Right after loading the session the mixer strip is toggled off and no track selected.

- Now click on track1: the strip shows and track1 gets selected
- click on track2: strip stays and displays track2 properties. track 2 gets selected and track 1 gets unselected.
- click on track1 again: strip disappears. track2 stays selected.
- click on track2 again: strip appears again. track2 stays selected


2003-12-12 21:43

reporter   ~0000285


I guess originally the idea was to show only one mixer strip, since I can't make more strips to appear there. (If I remember correct, earlier versions showed more than one strip)

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