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0009599ardourbugspublic2024-02-22 00:01
ReporterSchmitty2005 Assigned To 
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PlatformUbuntuOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product VersionMixbus 9.x 
Summary0009599: MIDI Regions Disappear from Editor List When Renamed.
DescriptionWhen the MIDI region is renamed by selecting the region in the Editor List, using a right-click , rename. The region disappears from the Editor List. If the region is then split, the names will reappear. When renaming the children of the split, they do not disappear and function as they should. This does not affect audio regions
Steps To Reproduce1. Create New project
2. Create new MIDI track, step edit to create new MIDI.
3. Select region from Editor List, right-click and rename.
4. Watch region disappear!

Optional Steps :
5. Split MIDI region
6. Watch MIDI region names appear.
Additional InformationMixbus 9.2.current Win 10
Mixbus 9.2 Current Linux
Win 10 with Ardour 8.2 downloaded from
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS with Ardour downloaded from
TagsMidi, region



2024-01-11 02:30

reporter   ~0028454

Affects Mixbus 32C 9.2.172 Linux / Windows
Ardour 8.2 Linux / Windows


2024-01-13 16:00

reporter   ~0028456

After region is renamed and disappeared, region can be grabbed and moved, thus making the name reappear in the Editor List box, but this is definitely not an ideal solution, just stating for debug purposes.


2024-01-17 01:54

reporter   ~0028459

The name may be made to return in the Editor List box by grabbing and moving the region after it has been renamed and vanished. However, this is not the best way to do it and is just mentioned for debugging purposes.


2024-01-17 02:32

reporter   ~0028460

Audio regions are not affected by this bug.


2024-01-17 03:36

reporter   ~0028462

After Session is saved, closed, and reopened, the regions will appear in the editor list, and can be renamed. After adding additional MIDI tracks and renaming region on that new track, the region name disappears for that region on the new MIDI track.

This bug also affects copy and pasted regions. They will not show in editor list until project is closed and reopened.


2024-02-22 00:01

reporter   ~0028533

Still exists in Ardour 8.4 downloaded from here.

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