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0009598ardourbugspublic2024-01-11 02:29
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Product Version8.2 
Summary0009598: MIDI Regions Disappear from Editor List When Renamed.
DescriptionWhen the MIDI region is renamed by selecting the region in the Editor List, using a right-click , rename. The region disappears from the Editor List. If the region is then split, the names will reappear. When renaming the children of the split, they do not disappear and function as they should. This does not affect audio regions
Steps To Reproduce1. Create New project
2. Create new MIDI track, step edit to create new MIDI.
3. Select region from Editor List and rename.
4. Watch region disappear!

Optional Steps :
5. Split MIDI region
6. Watch MIDI region names appear.
Additional InformationUbuntu 22.04 LTS with Ardour downloaded from
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2024-01-09 01:25

reporter   ~0028450

Also affects Mixbus 9.2.172


2024-01-11 02:29

reporter   ~0028453

Duplicate of 0009599. Please remove. 0009599 is updated with OS. Mixbus32C

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