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0009594ardourbugspublic2024-01-05 22:56
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version11
Product Version8.2 
Summary0009594: MIDI Cue Track Breaks if Played Past End of Loop Range
DescriptionIf a loop range is set and a MIDI cue is playing when the playhead jumps to the start loop marker, the clip is abruptly cut off and will not be triggered again unless playback is stopped.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create an empty project.
2. Add a MIDI track, ensuring "Show on Cue Page" is checked.
3. In the Cue window, drag a MIDI clip (e.g. 1_groove_16beat1.mid) to cue slot A of that track.
4. Set both follow actions of track 1 cue A to "Stop," and set its Launch Quantize to "None."
5. In the Edit window, add a Loop range from the start of measure 1 to the end of measure 2.
6. Add Cue Marker A to either the beginning of measure 1, or anywhere in measure 2 after beat 1.
7. Enable "Play Loop Range" and press Play.

Actual behavior: The cue will trigger once, but will abruptly cut off and never trigger again once the playhead loops.
Expected behavior: The cue will continue playing after the playhead jumps back and can be triggered again under normal cue rules.
Tags8.2, clip, cue, loop, Midi


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