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Summary0009547: Using "Snapshot and switch to new version" repeatedly becomes veru very slow after some time
DescriptionI routinely use "Snapshot and switch to new version" when composing new music with Ardour. I have been bitten by a corrupted session and lost work a couple of years ago and started to use this feature to save a new version of the session every time I have recorded an idea that I don't want to lose.

Recently I started a new project with Ardour 8.0 and after about 40 times of using "Snapshot and switch to new version" it became very very slow. A normal session "save" however is still very very quick, only "Snapshot and switch to new version" is unbearably slow now. The session is on a SSD - disk which is working fast and flawlessly.

I made a video of me saving the 51st version with "Snapshot and switch to new version" and it took 2 minutes and 4 minutes to complete. The video is here:

Here is the session stripped of all audio:

- Manjaro Linux KDE
- Ardour binary is from your website, I used 8.0 for the first 50 sessions I created and 8.1 for the last one in the video.
- Processor: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X 16-Core Processor, 64 GB Ram.

There are 23 696 midi files in the session and I suspect that might have something to do with the problem. I myself have not made so many midi regions, I suspect they might have been duplicated every time I created a new version of the session.
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