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0009505ardourfeaturespublic2023-10-24 09:55
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Summary0009505: feature request for Midi note
Description1- show note name or midnam inside notes
2- chop note to gird size (select note and e.g press shift + s to chop it to grid size)
3- Split Notes to Separate MIDI track (track per pitch) use ful for midi drumers
4- Scale indicator (yes i am noob in music theory and dont have midi controler :D )
5- pan lollipops
6- make lollipops without stick like ableton this help to see different vol note or make option to show or hide stick
7- make lollipops small
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2023-10-24 09:27

reporter   ~0028251

Part 2
8- convert draw tool to brush tool by hold e.g shift
9- duplicate note in range e.g put a note on 3th beat of bar1 then duplicate it note copy to 3th beat or bar2
not only after selected note
or make range tool usable to select range of note and duplicate range of them

10- duplicate note up/down in pitch e.g hold ctrl + shift + up arrow to duplicate note to one semitone up


2023-10-24 09:55

reporter   ~0028252

part 3
destructive midi editing i.e when you duplicate / paste note over another note
new one replaced with old one this is better than note overlapping

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