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0009497ardourbugspublic2024-02-19 17:37
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Product Version8.1 
Summary0009497: I can no longer open the plugin editor in my FX bus.
DescriptionI have a Cardinal FX plugin containing a Plateau module and midi sidechaining from another track. Since upgrading Ardour from 8.0.19(nightly) to 8.1 I found I could no longer open the plugin editor (I tried double clicking on the plugin in the mixer, being the only way I know of to do this). To test the reproducibility I added another FX bus and noticed that the plugins now have a beautifully usable CC automation interface - so, I have started using that. I may just use the CC interface instead of sidechaining for the foreseeable future but thought you might like to know in case there is some useful information here re sidechaining into a bus.
The new FX bus *does* allow me to edit the plugin.
The project is too large to upload in a zip file.
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2024-02-19 17:37

reporter   ~0028524

I am not able to reproduce. I started cardinal, added a plateau module, sent output from a midi track to the cardinal plugin via sidechain. After that, I was able to open the cardinal FX GUI (see screen shot). Should I be doing something else to reproduce? I'm using the following versions:

* Arch Linux
* Cardinal 23.10
* Ardour 8.1
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image.png (197,515 bytes)   

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