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0009490ardourfeaturespublic2023-10-18 10:11
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Product Version8.0 
Summary0009490: [Feature Request] Send selected tracks to same bus
DescriptionIt would be nice if, together with other "quick group" actions, it was possible to set the outputs of all selected tracks to a single bus (or track). (E.g., select "snare top" and "snare bottom" and send to "snare" bus.)
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2023-10-18 00:41

administrator   ~0028219

.. except you really should use aux-sends to Busses, rather than direct connections..


2023-10-18 10:11

reporter   ~0028222

Maybe I am using it wrong... (I can't say I am very experienced.) I do use aux sends for delay and reverb buses, but not for something like a drum bus. And it is an option for an actual group ("Add new subgroup bus").

The problem with groups, in my case, is that I would have a drum bus, but I also would have also snare bus (for top and bottom), a kick bus (for in and out, maybe a sample), a tom bus, etc, so I can process them together, all of them sent to the drum bus. I cannot do that with groups, but I could with "quick groups".

I can continue to do it by hand, so it is not a big deal, especially if it is not something others would use. Thanks for considering it!

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