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0009486ardourbugspublic2024-01-03 10:11
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Product Version8.0 
Summary0009486: Grid tool moves midi automation points when applying mid-twist
DescriptionUsing the new Grid Tool (Y), applying a mid-twist to a midi region correctly moves the beat grid of that region, and all midi notes stay fixed in space while the grid moves underneath. However, automation points move after the mid-twist is completed resulting in a "decoupling" between the notes and their automation.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a midi track
2. Create a short midi region
3. Add some notes to the midi region
4. Add an automation lane to the midi region (such as pitch bender or controller)
5. Add some points to the automation lane
6. Using the Grid Tool (Y), pin some location at or before the start of the midi region. Also pin a second location at or past the end of the midi region.
7. Using the Grid Tool, move a beat marker between the pinned locations created in 6. Notice that the midi notes do not move but the automation points do move.
Additional InformationI'm listing this in the tracker as a bug with severity set to feature because I am unsure if this behavior is intended. When recording midi drums, for example, this type of shift causes the recorded hihat and the hihat pedal to be misaligned, and the playback of that recorded midi section is actually different from what was recorded.

The attached screenshot shows a midi region that was originally created on a uniform grid but has since been mid-twisted using the grid tool. The notes of the midi region are still fixed in their original uniform grid locations, but the automation points follow the new twisted grid.
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2023-10-17 09:28


Screenshot_20231017_035006.png (169,912 bytes)   
Screenshot_20231017_035006.png (169,912 bytes)   


2024-01-03 10:11

reporter   ~0028443

Attached are two more screenshots, one before applying a midtwist and the other after. In both, there are three automation lanes. The track labeled Vitalium is a midi track and has automation on one of the track's plugins. The track labeled Bass Recording is an audio track and has two automation lanes, one on the panning control (azimuth) and the second automating the gain parameter of the ace gain plugin.

Before the midtwist, there is a peak or a valley aligned with the location marker labeled "Original Peak/Valley" in all three automation lanes. Also, the transport is initially located at the same spot.

After the midtwist, the audio track's automation points remain aligned with the transport where they were located originally. The midi track's automation lane however has shifted to follow the new twisted grid.

The audio behavior is correct as expected. The location marker following the twist also is correct as expected.

The midi behavior definitely feels like a bug, as now the midi notes are decoupled from the midi automation. (Not visible in these latest two screenshots is the fact that the midi notes themselves do not move when the grid is twisted.)
1_before_midtwist.png (335,112 bytes)
2_after_midtwist.png (337,892 bytes)

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