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0009483ardourbugspublic2023-10-15 14:36
Reportercolinf Assigned Tox42  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformDebian GNUOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version8.0 
Summary0009483: Only left channel of stereo regions is heard for a while after region trim
DescriptionAfter modifying a stereo region, playback of that region will only play the left channel of the region through both outputs of the track, for an amount of time that seems to be equal to the “Edit | Preferences | Performance | Disk I/O | Buffering | Playback” setting.

Steps To Reproduce* modify a stereo region. I've done this by trimming the left-hand end
* start playback of that region

That's it - only the left channel will be heard for a few seconds.
Additional InformationBisected to 295dbd8e: “Make RCU reader return a const pointer (omnibus commit)”. Bisect log attached in case I messed it up for any reason.
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2023-10-15 13:25


git-bisect-7.3-7.4-log (3,615 bytes)   
git bisect start
# good: [8f248bd0bac70f0b7a84013ada536bdef1bbcb59] update C++ preferences metadata object
git bisect good 8f248bd0bac70f0b7a84013ada536bdef1bbcb59
# bad: [5e967c02a9cfc2fffadc9d0edca294ff193481fd] VST3: fix manually setting parameter (amend 52a73fdb3)
git bisect bad 5e967c02a9cfc2fffadc9d0edca294ff193481fd
# skip: [bc9ac3bdb4fa7ddd4d98beeb71039b9b488c8a10] Fix building linux-demo bundle
git bisect skip bc9ac3bdb4fa7ddd4d98beeb71039b9b488c8a10
# bad: [786f71f7f1673ba7eb56c0c955637c2964b48e11] fix GUI enum registration so that UIConfiguration can load with variables that use some of them
git bisect bad 786f71f7f1673ba7eb56c0c955637c2964b48e11
# skip: [21074b189ab9aef309457b4e98398b7ef31cffb4] remove unnecessary virtual (no default value involved)
git bisect skip 21074b189ab9aef309457b4e98398b7ef31cffb4
# skip: [28d244bd0a12d2fd886f9550fa2638d30fb8dfa7] use cstdint instead of stdint.h
git bisect skip 28d244bd0a12d2fd886f9550fa2638d30fb8dfa7
# skip: [f2a07e711d656fedf38a5ca1625e1d20a60da6c5] Fix the incorrectly generated Korean translation
git bisect skip f2a07e711d656fedf38a5ca1625e1d20a60da6c5
# skip: [49439d2acf8da785ff9f53c0b4f7e2239c16c9a1] ensure that the ask-about-quit dialog is shown at mouse-position
git bisect skip 49439d2acf8da785ff9f53c0b4f7e2239c16c9a1
# good: [777c7c6c037d604f1456889d7435fa90aa5e8109] added trackcolors to X-Touch, added _is_xtouch to device info as condition for trackcolors
git bisect good 777c7c6c037d604f1456889d7435fa90aa5e8109
# skip: [edca8209aa0aeff3bf9db61a48daabf9c2f48d38] canvas: fix debug output after auto-fication
git bisect skip edca8209aa0aeff3bf9db61a48daabf9c2f48d38
# skip: [10b845b1caae65a5c11a8bbaf03eb7446cacfba6] fix mapping begin/commit/abort logic in editor
git bisect skip 10b845b1caae65a5c11a8bbaf03eb7446cacfba6
# skip: [886d7b9069118382125262109031e9841b6a2597] FP8: update for Mixbus v9
git bisect skip 886d7b9069118382125262109031e9841b6a2597
# good: [4ca947f078c4083a229b39d13fc2356112edd550] changed parantheses and lines
git bisect good 4ca947f078c4083a229b39d13fc2356112edd550
# skip: [1cd14309750adcd8a4217ebc9cb837a1eff690a4] skeleton code for global temporal domain change during tempo mapping
git bisect skip 1cd14309750adcd8a4217ebc9cb837a1eff690a4
# good: [5a8b69555fd6d26b75fb48d554309254d9615bea] Fix metronome capture alignment
git bisect good 5a8b69555fd6d26b75fb48d554309254d9615bea
# skip: [0cf199ac481344fc5d08931b295b20bb4f729cdd] remove another ancient binding set
git bisect skip 0cf199ac481344fc5d08931b295b20bb4f729cdd
# skip: [5e01503a56fc217ea388878685832989e40b4017] add a new canvas-based cursor for mapping
git bisect skip 5e01503a56fc217ea388878685832989e40b4017
# good: [f57a9d84dffebde4f58d209229d0b5c1d684fb70] Do not incrementally ripple during cut/delete #9295
git bisect good f57a9d84dffebde4f58d209229d0b5c1d684fb70
# bad: [295dbd8e1e8465fb74d94e4eb0cfa35b09761cfc] Make RCU reader return a const pointer (omnibus commit)
git bisect bad 295dbd8e1e8465fb74d94e4eb0cfa35b09761cfc
# good: [f3e13848fa6f773b3f4cb75649d38bf8fa21861f] Do not modify read-only RCU copy of routelist
git bisect good f3e13848fa6f773b3f4cb75649d38bf8fa21861f
# skip: [57398b1e5ecfd99ad964e79e0100373ae451ae51] tempo mappoing: use actual mouse cursors not canvas item cursors
git bisect skip 57398b1e5ecfd99ad964e79e0100373ae451ae51
# good: [e9f71824a19edc295f6cdaad13b41d4196ab3bfe] temporal: change API for TempoMap::stretch_tempo()
git bisect good e9f71824a19edc295f6cdaad13b41d4196ab3bfe
# first bad commit: [295dbd8e1e8465fb74d94e4eb0cfa35b09761cfc] Make RCU reader return a const pointer (omnibus commit)
git-bisect-7.3-7.4-log (3,615 bytes)   


2023-10-15 14:35

administrator   ~0028205

outstanding detective work tracking this down. Thanks!

Fixed in 8.0-24-gfd3f475b3f

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