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0009464ardourbugspublic2023-10-02 01:15
Reporterskygge Assigned Tox42  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformUbuntuOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version7.5 
Summary0009464: v8.0-rc2 - Arranger - undo move section makes a mess
DescriptionAccording to topic "New Arranger in Ardour 8 is awesome!":
Move section and then "undo" makes the session messed up.
Steps To ReproduceSession has 3 arrangement sections.
Step 1: Move second, accoustic section "Akustycznie" (Accoustic) to the last position.
Step 2: Make undo.
Additional InformationLink to the session sent to Robin via mail. Please don't make it public, it's for debugging purposes only. Thanks.
List of plugins used in this session:

  1 * LV2 LSP Impulse Responses Stereo (by LSP LV2)
  1 * VST2 ToneLib-GFX (by ToneLib)
  1 * LV2 Dragonfly Hall Reverb (by Michael Willis and Rob vd Berg)
  7 * LV2 Calf Limiter (by Calf Studio Gear)
  3 * LV2 Dragonfly Plate Reverb (by Michael Willis)
  9 * LV2 x42-eq - Parametric Equalizer Mono (by Robin Gareus)
  2 * LV2 Calf Haas Stereo Enhancer (by Calf Studio Gear)
  1 * LV2 LSP Spectrum Analyzer x1 (by LSP LV2)
  2 * LV2 ZynAddSubFX (by ZynAddSubFX Team)
  2 * VST2 #TLimiter (by Tracktion)
  5 * LADSPA Barry's Satan Maximiser (by Steve Harris)
  1 * LV2 Calf Saturator (by Calf Studio Gear)
  1 * LV2 GxZita_rev1-Stereo (by Guitarix team)
  1 * LV2 Calf Vintage Delay (by Calf Studio Gear)
  1 * LV2 LSP Impulse Responses Mono (by LSP LV2)
  1 * VST3 MT-PowerDrumKit (by MANDA AUDIO)
  3 * VST2 #TEqualiser (by Tracktion)
  1 * VST2 Tonelib-BassDrive (by Tonelib)
  3 * LV2 Calf Compressor (by Calf Studio Gear)
  1 * LV2 LSP Compressor Mono (by LSP LV2)
  3 * Lua ACE Inline Spectrogram (by Ardour Community)
  1 * LV2 LSP Limiter Stereo (by LSP LV2)
  2 * LV2 Neural Amp Modeler (by Mike Oliphant)
  3 * Lua ACE Inline Scope (by Ardour Community)

I don't want to export this session to stems - this would be a drastic chage of the the environment.
It works exactly the same in safe mode with all plugins disabled.
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2023-10-01 23:33

administrator   ~0028129

Thanks I got the session, and issue reproduced.


2023-10-02 01:15

administrator   ~0028130

Fixed in Ardour 8.0-rc2-23-gdfd44c2ebf

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