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0009450ardourbugspublic2023-09-24 14:08
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version7.5 
Summary0009450: Unable to "bounce with processing" just one region of a MIDI Track...
DescriptionHi, I have a MIDI track (here a screenshot: and I am using the bounce option to create the audio of all the regions.
It worked perfectly with all the other regions in the same track, but it doesn’t work with the last region selected: with that region, when I press “bounce (with processing)”, the created wav has no audio inside.
I tried again with one of the previous region in the same track in order to understand if the app was stuck, but it worked perfectly.
I tried to move the region, but without success. That track had an automation, but the volume didn't go to 0 by the way, but I press “Clear” and indeed if I play that MIDI region, I can hear the sound perfectly.
Steps To ReproduceActually I don't know how to reproduce.
I create just 2 sessions since I downloaded Ardour and this is the first time I see this situation.
Additional InformationArdour 7.5 has been download by from the "Ready-to-Run program" page.
Tagsbouncing with processing, MIDI region



2023-09-19 20:45



2023-09-20 00:15

administrator   ~0028072

Are you bouncing each region one-by-one?


2023-09-20 06:53

reporter   ~0028074

Is it better to combine and bounce just once?


2023-09-21 16:35

reporter   ~0028079

Sorry just to add that in my opinion this issue is very low priority.
The reason is that I had just to create another region on the same MIDI track, copy&paste the notes from the other one and bouncing it with success.
So with this workaround, this is not really an impacting issue.


2023-09-24 14:08

administrator   ~0028107

I cannot reproduce this behavior with the current nightly build.

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