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0009441ardourbugspublic2023-09-22 02:04
Reporterdspasic Assigned Topaul  
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
PlatformMacOSVenturaOS Version13.4.1
Product Version7.5 
Summary0009441: grid 'Stretch MIDI' does not stretch midi content
DescriptionHi, for demonstration i've recorded screen:

let me know if i can help more or i did misunderstand the new feature. Thanks
Steps To Reproduce1. open new session
2. create midi instrument (and midi content)
3. add grid markers
4. move them (with checkbox 'Stretch MIDI' enabled)
5. midi content (notes do not move/change - and there is visible change of midi clip duration)



2023-09-08 21:19

reporter   ~0028010

Hi again,
here is visual bug (if new ticket is needed, i will create it)
1. when moving region, changes are not visible while dragging, but are visible when you let go of region (after moving it)
2. when doing slip edit - the changes are instantly visible

can we have visual update when moving region (like slip edit does)?


2023-09-09 12:12

developer   ~0028011

I'm sorry, this button was only provided for prototyping/conceptual design. The underlying functionality does not yet exist.

I've removed the checkbox for now.

In the future, we will likely have checkboxes for 'move markers', 'move midi', 'move audio' or maybe 'move selected tracks', when the Grid Tool is engaged.

-Ben at Harrison


2023-09-12 06:55

reporter   ~0028014

Hi Ben, thanks for clarification.
What about my note regarding visual aspect?


2023-09-14 15:37

administrator   ~0028024

There's significant confusion here.

The grid tool is currently used ONLY for an operation we call "tempo mapping", which adjusts the tempo map to fit a (probably) human performance.

It is absolutely intentional that existing material (MIDI or audio) does not move or respond to the changes: the purpose is to change ONLY the tempo map so that it fits the material.


2023-09-14 15:47

reporter   ~0028028

Paul, if i understood correctly - grid tool will not change existing material position/lenght/etc to fit the newly drawn tempo markers?
and; is there a plan to support this, or this is already defined as 'no'?


2023-09-14 15:49

administrator   ~0028029

The grid tool, as i explained, is to make the *grid* fit the material. That is its only purpose.

Changing the grid to fit *some* material while then adjusting *other* material to follow the grid is something we might do in the future, but it is absolutely not the intended purpose of the grid tool.


2023-09-14 16:02

reporter   ~0028033

Ok, it makes perfect sense. Thanks for clearing up completely
The problem was that i was having too many expectations (i assumed it will work like that due to the checkbox which i mentioned earlier in the issue).


2023-09-15 21:19

administrator   ~0028054

see notes.

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