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0009439ardourbugspublic2023-09-14 18:15
Reportersk-os Assigned Topaul  
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Product Version7.5 
Summary0009439: FaderPort Classic - Transport LED not working
DescriptionThe LED-Feedback in the transport area (play pause, loop, punch, etc) are not lighting up wenn they are active in ardour.
They do work regarding their function, only the led feedback indicator is missing. play should light up wenn pressed and a track is playing, but the track start playing, but the play button is not lighted.

the per-channel LEDs are working as expected
Steps To Reproducepress play, rewing, loop
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2023-09-14 18:15

administrator   ~0028036

fixed in commit 7a0d80b62a

Thanks for noticing and reporting this! We made some changes a while back to try to share more source code between different MIDI control surfaces, and this introduced some breakage for the faderport classic that wasn't fixed.

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