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Summary0009429: Speaker Output Reposition in the 3D VBAP Panner Window
DescriptionPlaying around with the 10 Channel 3D VBAP Panner, gave me the realization that there is more freedom to move the source of the sound anywhere within the panner limits, problem is that the speaker outputs are already hardcoded/anchored in their respective spots.

Is there any chance the 3D VBAP Panner can be enhanced to allow speakers to be moved anywhere within the 3D Panner for purposes of custom surround sound setups for any sound system (A.K.A Dolby Atmos/ 9.1.4/ DTS)
Steps To ReproduceChange speaker output to 10 Channels. Allows 3D VBAP Panner setup. Sound output will be hardcoded in place and cannot be changed/repositioned.
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2023-08-06 22:32


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2023-08-07 14:26

reporter   ~0027944

Maybe related, or idea :
Allow custom panners by map strip panner to "standardized" plugin controls.

Eg : I have a custom panner in my strip, i can say to the strip "the panner is this plugin", and the L/R or XYZ Width controls are sent to the plugin.

Ambisonic everywhere ! ;)


2023-08-09 19:51

administrator   ~0027962

@wargreen that has been the initial idea. Panners in ardour are plugins (dynamically loaded shared libs:
Ardour offers five controls available for each panner:

  * Azimuth
  * Elevation
  * Width
  * Front/Back
  * LFE

This would allow for N.m, and also ambisonics.
However so far nobody volunteered to add more panner plugins beyond the basic ones. VBAP is also only half baked (automation is not implemented).
For ambionics however, you can simply use a LV2 or VST3 plugin instead ...


2023-08-09 20:53

administrator   ~0027963

PS. There is another proposal to only use meta-data for panning, until the signal reaches the graph boundary. This would be required for Atmos.

So far Ardour directly pans the audio signal on each track. This allows to have direct outs, and use JACK for connections.
The alternative would be that the audio output of each track remains unpanned and the pan-information is sent along with it until the final stage where summing and panning happens.


2023-08-09 20:59

reporter   ~0027965

I do use a lv2 for ambisonic :)
But it would be wonderful to use the ardour's UI / OSC control for spat. I've made this lv2 from my faust code but C is really out of my knowledge.
is it imaginable to get a kind of panner "load plugin" ?


2023-08-09 21:01

reporter   ~0027966



2023-08-09 21:06

reporter   ~0027967

What if Ardour has an option to replace the Default Panner in the mixer with an External Panner Plugin that works across the entire project for multiple audio tracks?

Say you can implement an industry standard panner (Whether its LV2, VST2, or VST3) as an alternative to the default with the features to add multiple speaker outputs and position them and link them through Ardour's Input/Output nodes?

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