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Summary0009419: Varispeed loses midi sync when pitching up in 7.5.198
DescriptionIn the 7.5.198 build, it seems using varispeed with midi tends to lose sync periodically when pitching up 1+ semitones. For the midi track in question, I'm using a VST step sequencer controlling a synth drum kit. This issue does not appear in 7.5.0.
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2023-10-12 15:09

administrator   ~0028192

Sorry for the delay, I just started looking into this.

Do I understand correctly that you use a VST plugin to generate MIDI events and then send MIDI data to an external hardware synth?

I have created a MIDI track without instrument, then created a MIDI region with equally spaced 8th notes. (Session is 48kHz, default 120 BPM).
I send those MIDI events out, and when I check on another machine these MIDI events arrive equally spaced, even when vari-speeding.

So it seems the issue might be caused by VST3/tempo and not playback vari-speed mapping of events on the output.

I do not have a VST3 sequencer, so could you try the following: Record the MIDI data output of the VST3 sequencer on another MIDI track in Ardour.

Create a MIDI track and connect its input to the output of the MIDI track with the Sequencer. rec-arm, record, vari-speed.
Does the recording show artifacts you describe?

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