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0009418ardourbugspublic2023-07-25 12:09
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Product Version7.5 
Summary0009418: VST3 - Plugins open as stereo on mono tracks
DescriptionStarting around Ardour 7.5.198, all VST3 plugins that have mono modes open as stereo on mono tracks. This includes both Pro-Q and any other plugin which operates in this manner.
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2023-07-25 12:09

reporter   ~0027912

Hi, using AVlinux MX, latest version.
Maybe connected to this ticket, but trouble with VST3 on stereo tracks/busses
SInce upgrading to Mixbus 9 and Ardour 7 using Waves VST3 stereo plugins on stereo tracks, busses or the Mixbusses only lets through one channel of audio, the Right channel is the correct volume the Left channel is very low in Volume, almost inaudible.
The pinconnections are correctly configured, all of the waves VST3 plugins have this issue.
Other vendors VST3, the few i tried and are not Waves, behave correctly.
I don't have this issue with the latest version of Mixbus 8 and the same waves VST3 plugins.
The VST2 plugins don't show this behavior, and work as expected,
Disabling the plugin, has no effect. I have to remove the plugin to get both channel up again.
I use the latest Yabridge release and Wine TKG staging
Here a picture of Rvox inserted on the highlighted Vox Bus, as you can see, in the plugin it lets you see both channels reacting but after the plugin @the channel VU-meter you can only see the right channel getting signal.
Waves VST3 on Vox Bus.png (443,902 bytes)

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