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0009398ardourbugspublic2023-07-08 21:43
Reportermerryl0 Assigned Topaul  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformDebian GNUOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Summary0009398: version7.4 will not play midi notes at beginning of region
DescriptionMidi Notes which start earlier than 80 ticks after the beginning of a region do not sound
Steps To Reproducedraw a midi region
insert notes at start of region
play region (eg press h, or record another track starting from beginning of region
Seems to have affected all 7.xs so far
Additional InformationWill try with 7.5
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has duplicate 0009410 resolvedpaul midi region doesn't sound at the beginning. 



2023-06-24 11:04

reporter   ~0027812

Still present in 7.5.0


2023-06-24 11:05

reporter   ~0027813

also applies to notes entered from midi controller keyboard


2023-06-24 11:26

reporter   ~0027814

could it be related to this error message 1st entry in the log?
2023-06-24T11:59:13 [ERROR]: Cannot set sample rate to 0


2023-06-28 13:35

reporter   ~0027821

Today the first note (at 01.01.0) is playing. Still on 7.5.0


2023-06-28 13:39

reporter   ~0027822

though there is some note length time discrepancy. i turned off snap, selected all the semiquaver notes except one in a region with the edit tool and shortened them by dragging. the resulting note lengths are unequal. please see screenshot below
image.png (35,863 bytes)   
image.png (35,863 bytes)   


2023-07-03 10:50

reporter   ~0027840

I get this too. On 7.5.

My workflow for triggering this is:
Start record, play some stuff with the metronome, stop record. Then I'll want to remove the extra empty space at the beginning of the region, so I want to resize the beginning of the region to match where the first midi note is. If the note is earlier than the beat, resizing to the beat will clip the note, so I first have to manually adjust the first note to be exactly on the beat. Then I resize the start of the region to the same beat and all looks nice with the note still showing in the region. But, if I set the playhead on that same beat (start of region) and hit play, the first note will not play.

Now, the first note will not play, *as long as the track is still armed*.
If I disarm the track, and play from the start of the region again, the first note will play correctly!!


2023-07-03 12:22

reporter   ~0027841

Mine is doing this with nothing rec armed.
Just open a session.
put the playhead at the beginning of a midi region with a note at the start (of the region).
the first note does not sound when play is pressed


2023-07-03 12:26

reporter   ~0027842

Five minutes later...
Now the first note is sounding


2023-07-03 12:45

administrator   ~0027843

Please attach a session archive (via Session > Archive inside Ardour) of a *minimal* session that displays this behavior.


2023-07-04 09:48

reporter   ~0027851

Good morning.
This session is behaving as nyxkn describes above; the first note silent when record is armed for the track, but sounding when record is not enabled.
Many thanks for your great help


2023-07-04 10:13

reporter   ~0027852

I have noticed that the silent first note occurs if recording is enabled for the session (Shift R), or the Track itself.
So the track might not be armed, but the first note is silent if Record is enabled on the transport bar at the top left of the edit window.


2023-07-08 12:06

reporter   ~0027862

Hi merryl0, I found what is the problem, Ardour doesn't play the beginning of the midi region if the track record button is on, when the the record button is off, it plays the complete region.


2023-07-08 12:08

reporter   ~0027863

I mean, when the track is armed to record that happens, has nothing to do with the main record button, but the the trackk's.


2023-07-08 12:10

reporter   ~0027864

Is when you quantize the region and the track is armed for record.


2023-07-08 12:54

reporter   ~0027867

It doesn't even record notes at the beginning entered from midi keyboard while recording!


2023-07-08 15:18

reporter   ~0027869

axra, Try to record with Pre-Roll feature and let me know.


2023-07-08 16:59

administrator   ~0027873

Last edited: 2023-07-08 17:01

I am not able to reproduce this behavior using the test session when using the JACK backend.

I can reproduce it using ALSA.


2023-07-08 20:23

administrator   ~0027875

Last edited: 2023-07-08 20:25

Here it plays correctly with Arodur's ALSA backend and Pulseaudio.

PS. I first had to disable Rec-arm. Then it plays correctly both after rewind as well as when looping.


2023-07-08 21:26

administrator   ~0027876

Bug fixed in commit 3b1d4d8fa65


2023-07-08 21:43

reporter   ~0027878

Confirming, fixed for me on master!

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