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Summary0009389: Ardour 6.9 : Recording large wav files wrong RIFF header
DescriptionLast saturday, I was live-recording a show. This show was 7h55 long, and I recorded it in WAV 32 bits float 48kHz.

When I stopped the record, I figured out that the data was effectively written to the disk BUT the WAV header was completely off. The consequence is that my files were showing a length of 1h42 and not 7h55, just because the wrong header was used to write the wav file so the size of the file couldn' fit the 32 bits allocated for that.
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2023-06-19 15:22

administrator   ~0027798

First the good news, you can recover the files with the commandline tool `sndfile-salvage` (on Ubuntu this is available from the "sndfile-programs" package).

Where did you get Ardour from? Is this the binary downloaded from
This includes a RF64-to-WAV feature (using libsndfile's SFC_RF64_AUTO_DOWNGRADE - I do not know if distros enable this libsndfile feature), but libsdnfile would first write w64 files, and when they do not break the 32bit index downgrade them to wav.

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