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0009350ardourbugspublic2023-08-11 07:49
Reportermiddlewalker Assigned To 
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PlatformArchOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version7.4 
Summary0009350: unknown crashing problem involving timecnt
DescriptionFor some reason, when attempting to load a specific project, ardour fails and gives me the errors:

> Cannot initialize session/engine: Audio/MIDI Engine is not running or sample-rate mismatches.
> ---ERROR: Unexpected exception during session setup: negative distance in timecnt constructor
Steps To Reproducehere's my project folder, if that helps.
Additional InformationProject was made using pipewire. have not tested on pulseaudio or jack. changing audio engines has not solved this problem, restarting pipewire has not solved this problem, updating and rebooting my system has not solved this problem, deleting files in a backup of the folder has not solved this problem. Thus, I believe it stems from something in the main .ardour file. Tested with both the Arch Linux ardour package and with the AUR ardour-git package.
Tagscrash, Linux



2023-08-11 07:13

reporter   ~0027971

I've been able to gain access to these files by commenting out the lines 78-80 in libs/temporal/ on the main branch on the github mirror. I don't imagine this is a great solution, but it seems to work fine without it. I'm not sure what the lines are meant to prevent, though now I can access the files.


2023-08-11 07:21

reporter   ~0027972

on further note the plugins look to be unusuable, but that can at least be redone. definitely better than being unable to access it at all.


2023-08-11 07:49

reporter   ~0027973

this is not the case, those plugins will reset every time. however that is a separate problem. for now i'm going to leave this here unless I find a better solution

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