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0009343ardourbugspublic2023-05-25 16:31
Reporterunfa Assigned To 
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version7.4 
Summary0009343: Export silence trim applies unwanted noise gating
DescriptionNoise trimming results in exports being noise-gated, poking holes in the audio.
This can be seen as black bars on the export analysis spectrogram.

Steps To ReproduceI'm attaching a test project.

Open it and export the session with silence trimming enabled.
You should see a striped spectrogram - with chunks of the audio missing.

Now disabled silence trimming and try again - the black bars will be gone.
Tagsaudio, export, silence, Trim



2023-05-22 17:34

reporter   ~0027670

Minimal reproduction project.


2023-05-22 17:34

reporter   ~0027671

I've also reported this to Paul on Discord:


2023-05-23 00:22

administrator   ~0027673

Can you elaborate which settings you use to export?

I have just tested this and cannot reproduces this
silence-trim-spektrum.png (262,225 bytes)
silence-trim-settings.png (90,596 bytes)   
silence-trim-settings.png (90,596 bytes)   


2023-05-23 11:22

reporter   ~0027675

The only difference I see is that I selected Shaped Noise dither, and you have no dither selected here. I'll try with no dither on my side.
Ardour_LoVseLzisO.png (50,036 bytes)   
Ardour_LoVseLzisO.png (50,036 bytes)   


2023-05-23 11:27

reporter   ~0027676

I've tested with no dithering and I have the same (gated) result. Could you test on Windows?
Maybe this is caused by some dependency misbehaving on Windows, while working as expected on Linux?

I could provide you with remote access to my Windows machine (via RustDesk) for debugging, if that'd be useful.


2023-05-23 11:36

reporter   ~0027677

Here's an export from official Windows 64-bit build with NO dithering:
Ardour_kK28HfwiZk.png (51,398 bytes)   
Ardour_kK28HfwiZk.png (51,398 bytes)   
Ardour_lu4cFHLfBy.png (259,103 bytes)   
Ardour_lu4cFHLfBy.png (259,103 bytes)   
Ardour_vxgJwWUXB7.png (84,980 bytes)   
Ardour_vxgJwWUXB7.png (84,980 bytes)   


2023-05-23 11:37

reporter   ~0027678

*7.4.117 (I typed some nonsense version number above, sorry)


2023-05-25 16:02

administrator   ~0027682

I just tested this on Windows 11 (at Harrison), and cannot reproduce this there either.
I also cannot see how silence trim would cut out something in the middle. Can you double-check that disabling that option exports correctly?

BTW, have you edited %localappdata%\Ardour7\config and changed
 Option name="export-silence-threshold" value="-90"


2023-05-25 16:31

administrator   ~0027683

While the backend should not matter, the data track -> master is still passed via the backend.
I have checked with both Dummy, and Portaudio/ASIO to be certain.
I've also re-imported the exported file and verified the loudness (Region > Loudness Analysis) and checked level with the "internal edit tool" to be within -67 and -57 dBFS.

This is mysterious..

Could you try with a different user (new preferences)?

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