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0009341ardourfeaturespublic2023-05-28 17:06
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Summary0009341: Add K-meter to "Default meter type for tracks"
Descriptionwhy tracks don't have option to set default metering as k-meters
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2023-05-22 03:17

administrator   ~0027664

> why tracks don't have option to set default metering as k-meters

Because it does not (usually) make sense. When tracking you need to make sure to not clip the signal, and hence needs a digital-peak meter.
Measuring loudness as perceived by humans is useful during mixing after summing on busses or the master-bus.

see also


2023-05-23 10:07

reporter   ~0027674

as far i understand k-meter is RMS + peak meter but just scaled by k-system
if K-meter problem is it doesn't show cliping
it have peak meter and also when you achieve top of this scale (doesn't mater what number you receive) you are get cliped
   k-meter give user a ton of headroom - cliping??
so maybe some user (like me) want mix with k-meter and set it zero as ref in tracks to mix with ton of headroom
then in bus processing go it up near to clip level

i dont think this option be worth to kill


2023-05-25 06:09

reporter   ~0027681

I'd second this feature request. IMO, K-System meters offer great ergonomics for track metering when recording. I typically use K-20 for individual tracks, and K-14 on the master for mixing and mastering, and if the levels are around 0 on the tracks, it usually ends up around 0 on the master. Clipping is very unlikely if you track around 0 on a K-20, and there's extra CPU load, I haven't noticed it!

I think it would be nice to have them (and why not all types?) available as options for the default track meter type.


2023-05-27 11:15

reporter   ~0027687


With 32-bit float processing, you’ll never clip so long as your audio stays in the DAW


2023-05-28 17:06

reporter   ~0027693


I invite you to a duel
Whoever killed that one will decide on this option

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