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0009328ardourbugspublic2023-06-21 10:21
Reporterdjvmusic Assigned Topaul  
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Product Version7.4 
Summary0009328: Notes on and off in midi edition

Since version 7, notes in MIDI edition look off and on time for every note despite being on time. This happens apparently randomly depending on zoom which makes almost impossible to check every drum beat is on time or not visually. You can only be sure checking note by note, which is not convenient. 4 updates after it remains unsolved.

I attach an example.

Please fix it.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a virtual instrument track and activate the grid to make sure every note gets on time when you write it.
Write 12 full notes one after another and that's it.

Look at them with different zooms. Some of the notes will look off and some others don't.
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2023-05-08 16:34



2023-06-16 02:12

administrator   ~0027769

should be fixed as of commit 248e37ac0c, available in nightly builds on june 16th.

please confirm.

and thanks for noticing. this was actually quite complex to track down, but well worth it.


2023-06-16 09:32

reporter   ~0027772

I've downloaded that version or I think so. This is what it shows in the about window:

Ardour 7.4.276
"The Shutov Assembly"
(rev 7.4-276-g248e37ac0c)
Intel 64-bit

But sadly, the version has more serious graphical issues than before, as there are no vertical lines in the midi editor now, please check the attachment.

It has shown some refresh issues, which could be related to the disappearing of the vertical lines (some of which briefly showed in the sides until I moved the track horizontally).


2023-06-16 15:23

administrator   ~0027773

line vanishing is fixed.


2023-06-21 10:17

reporter   ~0027808

I confirm that. It's solved. Thanks


2023-06-21 10:21

reporter   ~0027809

Notes look fine now (since rev 7.4-280-g9b797dc4c1). Solved

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