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0009318ardourfeaturespublic2023-04-29 23:42
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Summary0009318: Manual pin in/out selections for VST3
DescriptionThis was previously discussed in an old bug report regarding multi-bus out support. The request is for implementing a manual selector in the pin connections dialog to choose the correct speaker arrangements for VST3 plugins that aren't easily discerned automatically (ex. ProQ 3's 5.1 mode).
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2023-04-27 22:21

administrator   ~0027627

To inform a VST3 plugin to configure as 5.1 in Ardour, simply connect the first 6 pins of the plugin.
VST3 defines 5.1 in the following channel order: kSpeakerL | kSpeakerR | kSpeakerC | kSpeakerLfe | kSpeakerLs | kSpeakerRs;

Ardour does not special case any Plugin API, and there is no common abstraction for speaker layout that would apply to Audio Unit, VST2, VST3, LV2, etc. So there no way to expose this directly to the user until we come up with a common abstraction.


2023-04-27 23:30

reporter   ~0027628

The issue is that Ardour creates multiple stereo instances of the plugin when using a 6 channel bus (or track). I've also included an example of using Metaplugin with a forced 5.1 configuration which changes ProQ's interface and pins appropriately.
proq_native.jpg (617,523 bytes)


2023-04-27 23:30

reporter   ~0027629

proq_metaplugin.jpg (665,369 bytes)


2023-04-29 23:42

reporter   ~0027632

I can understand the rationale for wanting to have a universal method across all plugin types, however would it still be appropriate to have I/O pins available on the track/bus dynamically dictate the layout of the VST3 plugin if available? Much like the mono/stereo detection works currently.

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