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0009307ardourbugspublic2023-04-22 11:03
Reportercolinf Assigned Tozamaudio  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0009307: ProTools import always creates new tracks
DescriptionImporting a ProTools session into an ardour session which already has appropriately named tracks places the regions onto the existing tracks, as I'd hope, but it also creates new empty tracks for the tracks in the ProTools session.
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2023-04-19 23:55

developer   ~0027598

colinf: Thanks for the report. I hadn't thought anyone would try to import into a non-empty session. I hadn't actually thought through that scenario at all. If the track names are slightly different to protools ones, does it create a new track with the exact name and load the correct regions onto the right tracks? Also, if there are existing tracks with the exact same names does it populate the existing tracks correctly, or does it mess up the regions and put them on wrongly named tracks?


2023-04-20 05:16

developer   ~0027599

@colinf the current behaviour is broken, it counts tracks from the first one at the top of the session so all the imported regions are put on unrelated tracks at the beginning of the session. I think the best thing for me to do at this point is to create new tracks for PT import at the end and import the regions only to the new tracks. This will fix the problem for most use cases, except if you wanted to import the regions onto existing tracks. (They can be moved after import, so not too bad).


2023-04-20 05:51

developer   ~0027600

Fixed in d2a4e0ac9a


2023-04-20 08:45

updater   ~0027601

Ah, so the previous behaviour wasn't how it was intended to work? That's a shame: it did exactly what I wanted, and the new behaviour is actually worse for me.

I have several PT projects, all with identically-named & ordered tracks. I wanted to import them all into ardour sessions with the same rough mix set up, including plugins, routing, VCAs & so forth. I was very pleased to discover that, having made a template after importing from the first of the PT sessions and setting up the rough mix, I could just make a new session from that template, import the next PT project, and have everything arrive on (apparently) the right tracks without any further messing around. The only wrinkle that appeared to me was that I then had to delete the new empty tracks that PT import created. Now, I have to drag the regions across from the new tracks into the existing ones too.

I haven't tried it, but I'd also hope that importing multiple PT projects with the same tracks into a single ardour session wouldn't end up creating new tracks for each PT import: what'd I'd really like in that case would be for each PT project to be imported to a new playlist on the existing tracks, though that's definitely a feature request!


2023-04-22 00:18

developer   ~0027603

@colinf your use case should be fixed in 4620d138ee , it now imports to tracks with the same names and does not create new ones unless they are missing.


2023-04-22 11:03

updater   ~0027605

Brilliant, thank you! That seems like it does exactly what I'd hope & expect now

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