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0009293ardourfeaturespublic2023-04-12 16:08
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Summary0009293: Mixer view presets
DescriptionAn idea for a feature -- presets for the view of the mixer, which a user could switch between at will.

The preset would store which tracks were currently visible, track heights (in the Editor), mixer strip widths (in the Mixer window). Maybe it would be useful to store the active status of tracks as well and possibly even the track order.

The use case would be, for example, a large session with different sections and very many tracks, with some tracks having content for the full length of the session, others for just small parts. Navigating the session would be a lot easier if you could hide all unnecessary tracks and save that view as a preset, then do the same for a different subset of tracks necessary at a different point and save that as a preset. You could then recall the relevant view preset at different points along the timeline, perhaps recalling the different views with keyboard shortcuts (as can be done with Editor views).
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2023-04-12 13:31

administrator   ~0027572

We actually already have something fairly similar to this.

Press Ctrl-FunctionKeyN to save visual state N (replace N by 1-12, whatever your keyboard provides)

Press FunctionKeyN to revert to that visual state.

Note that it saves *visual state* only, and is not equivalent to mixer views.


2023-04-12 16:07

reporter   ~0027574

I'm aware of the Editor View presets as I came across them in the manual and in fact referenced the functionality in the original description. I can see that those might be useful, recalling combinations of zoom, vertical position amongst the tracks and horizontal position along the timeline.

I still think it would be useful to be able to recall track visibility, track height, mixer track width easily to facilitate working with large track counts, especially as there doesn't seem to be a way of showing/hiding many tracks at once (whilst all tracks in a group can be made active/inactive with one click, that doesn't appear to be the case for visible/hidden).

I've attached three screenshots of a current session, all zoomed to show the full timeline to demonstrate the point. It's two movements of the same piece in the one session (so they can be recorded and mixed consistently with each other).

[1] shows all tracks visible: there are a number of tracks in Part 2 (right-hand side of the session, in yellows and browns near the top, plus others elsewhere) that are not used during Part 1 and vice versa.
[2] has visible all tracks in use in Part 1 (left-hand end of the timeline), tracks only used in Part 2 are hidden.
[3] shows all the tracks in use in Part 2 (right-hand end of the timeline) visible and tracks not in use at that end are hidden.

It would be a useful feature if the user were able to save different views, as in [2] and [3], and switch quickly between them. This would remove the need, for example when working on Part 1 near the beginning of the timeline, to have to scroll vertically past acres of grey (empty tracks) to get to/from the tracks that are in use.

I think perhaps the title I gave this was a bit misleading and the description also, but I wasn't quite sure what to call it. I suppose what I'm suggesting would possibly be an extension of the existing Editor Views functionality to include additional things such as track visibility, height, mixer strip width (in the mixer) etc, if that makes sense. It does relate to the view in the Editor (and the Mixer if mixer strip width were included), but goes beyond just where you're viewing up/down the tracks or horizontally along the timeline and the scale (i.e. zoom), but also changing which tracks are visible/hidden and their height.


2023-04-12 16:08

reporter   ~0027575


2023-04-12 16:08

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2023-04-12 16:08

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