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0009274ardourbugspublic2023-03-22 23:08
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PlatformRedhatOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version7.3 
Summary0009274: Analog Obsession plugins running via yabridge crash Ardour when oversampling is selected
DescriptionAnalog Obsession vst3 (windows) plugins running via yabridge that have been problem free in Ardour 7.2 and prior, and Mixbus 32c 8.2.66 and prior, now crash in Ardour 7.3 and Mixbus versions higher than 8.2.66 when the oversampling button (the Analog Obsession logo on the plugin GUI) is clicked selecting oversampling. The playback ceases when oversampling is selected, and clicking again on the Analog Obsession logo to turn oversampling back off does turn the GUI's indicator back to show no oversampling, but Ardour (and Mixbus) are un-responsive after the oversampling selection event, and Gnome eventually pops up a window offering a force quit or wait.

Steps To Reproduce Set up a new session, install yabridge, get a plugin from Analog Obsession (they are donationware), such as LALA, insert said plugin in a channel, then click on the Analog Obsession logo on the plugin GUI to select oversampling.
Additional InformationI have tried this on a few different kernels and both Fedora based (Nobara) and Arch based (Manjaro) setups and the same crash happens.
Also if a session that has been saved for example in Ardour 7.2 with an Analog Obsession plugin activated that has oversampling on, that session will not load into Ardour 7.3, instead, the startup splash hangs and eventually Ardour must be force-quit.

I have never submitted a backtrace before but will read the directions attempt to do so.
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2023-03-18 22:08

reporter   ~0027481

I did what the manual said about creating a backtrace but I guess this is not a crash, but rather some other state that I do not know the name of, where the DAW simply stops responding and the option to wait or force quit pops up on each Ardour window. So I guess with no crash, there is no way to generate a crash report.


2023-03-21 18:10

administrator   ~0027488

Last edited: 2023-03-21 18:10

Actually, there is.

You need to use this command to get the PID of (hung/stopped) ardour: ps aux | grep ardour

Then start debugging as you normally would, but at the first gdb) prompt, type: attach PID

where PID is the PID (number) you determined

Then use: thread apply all bt

to get the backtrace


2023-03-22 23:08

reporter   ~0027504

Thanks for the further instructions, maybe I can get that done after this album, but for now I found that the VST2.x versions of the Analog Obsession plugins work properly with oversampling activated via Yabridge in Ardour 7.3.x, so I'll just replace the VST3 versions in my current sessions.

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