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0009233ardourbugspublic2023-02-14 16:19
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Product Version7.2 
Summary0009233: Incorrect MIDI note drawing with snapping to bar
DescriptionIn Ardour 7.2, as it is available via the Arch Packages, with the settings mentioned in the "Steps To Reproduce" section, attempting to draw a note which is one bar long, Ardour will snap the note to ~3/4 of length the length of a bar.

A video showcasing the issue is provided.
Steps To Reproduce- Open a project in Ardour 7.2
- Ensure these settings are set:

-- "Snap" is enabled and snaps to Markers, Region Sync Points, Region Starts, Region Ends and the Grid.
-- Set the Grid Mode to Bar
-- Set the Draw Mode settings like so: Len: Auto, Ch: Auto, Vel: Auto

- Create a MIDI track, the choice of instrument doesn't matter
- Create a MIDI pattern of variable length, provided the length is greater than 1 bar
- Draw a note with your cursor starting near the beginning of the pattern and move the cursor to the end of the bar
- Notice the resulting note
Additional InformationEverything works as intended with other Grid Modes (e.g. 1/4 Note, 1/8 Note etc).
Tags7.2, draw, editing, Midi



2023-02-11 14:39

reporter   ~0027354


2023-02-11 16:10

administrator   ~0027355

This should already be fixed since 7.2.29


2023-02-11 16:11

administrator   ~0027356

Please test with a build


2023-02-14 16:19

reporter   ~0027381

Tested, all works fine!

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