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Summary0000923: Automatic creation of backup session files
Description   Over the last few years stability of the Ardour session file has
been an off and on issue. It's certainly gotten better but when there
is a problem it has appeared that there was no solution other then to
rebuild the session file as it seemed that often the one backup would
have problems also.

  In the more recent versions of Pro Tools DigiDesign has created a
new directory called 'Session File Backups'. This directory resides
parallel to the Audio directory inside of the main session directory.
The directory includes a copy of the original session file that is
copied every time I open a PT session. For an orchestral piece I'm
working on to demo LinuxSampler I run from




Since each session file is less than 500K (large in this case due to
excessive MIDI info. It's a 24 tracks and all MIDI) I am using about
40MB in this directory but that's small compared to audio and is very
easy to clean up by hand if I decide I don't need all of the backups.

  I think it would be a very wise addition for Ardour to include
something like this, done automatically. It would be best to kick
things off successfully so that post 1.0 there aren't folks losing
sessions should a problem crop up with their hard work.

  Thanks for any consideration you give to the idea whether you
implement it or not.
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Mark Knecht

2005-03-17 23:44

reporter   ~0002140

There was another report of this problem today on Ardour-User. Apparently Ardour didn't finish writing the file and the last few closing statements were missing. The user added the statements herself and got things working again.


2005-03-18 01:13

reporter   ~0002141

Yes, that was me... I was able to restore, but lost a few lines of information regarding playlists and tempo map towards the end of the file. I definitely think the extra backups are a good idea... when my session file got corrupted today, the .bak file looked exactly the same and was no help. Luckily, my problem was pretty fixable, but it could have been a lot worse. A day-old or few-hours-old backup could be a lifesaver. Thanks!


2006-11-06 21:38

administrator   ~0002694

Yes, this would probably be better than our current overwrite-backup-everytime-we-save system.


2017-12-02 05:38

reporter   ~0020096

Last edited: 2017-12-02 05:40

This is very much needed. I've had to recover xml files using a data recovery software at least thrice last year.
One must account for human error. Instead of saving a snpashot and then doing edits, I end up doing edits and then realise WTF, I didn't save a snapshot!

BUT, since this post is over 10 yrs old, and Ardour still does not have this, likely means that I am the only lousy one :(

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