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0009203ardourbugspublic2023-07-05 07:21
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PlatformApple MacintoshOSMacOSOS Version10.12 or later
Product Version7.2 
Summary0009203: General UI slowness on an Intel Mac (compared to Ardour 6.9)
DescriptionThe Ardour UI updating gets excessively slow when the amount of MIDI tracks grows. I noticed this when working on sessions and created a sample session to reproduce it.

In the example there are 45 MIDI tracks with imported MIDI files from previous Ardour sessions. I created the session in Ardour 6.9. When opening the same session in Ardour 7.2. it looks like the frame rate drops roughly to one fourth to what it was in 6.9.

I am running a 4K display (3840x2160). Scaling the display down to Full HD resolution improves the performance but the difference between 6.9 and 7.2 stays roughly the same.
Hiding tracks has an effect to the performance but still with just one track visible the frame rate on 7.2 is roughly on the level it is with all of them in 6.9.

The computer itself is not struggling - Mac Activity Monitor reports CPU usage of 5% - 8% and the memory consumption is also moderate between 400 and 700 MB. Audio / MIDI performance is flawless. Just the UI lags behind. In Ardour performance setting I have "all but one CPU" selected.

To try whether the computer itself is the problem I created the same session in Reaper. It ran considerably smoother there even if the playhead was slightly laggy.
Steps To ReproduceTest session on Dropbox:

Video on how the UI looks on Ardour 7.2:

Video on how the UI looks on Ardour 6.9:
Additional InformationComputer:

MacBook Pro 16" 2019
Intel Core i9 2,4 GHz 8 cores

macOS Monterey 12.6
Tags7.2, mac, ui


duplicate of 0009201 new Slow Editor performance caused by the new opaque regions on Ardour 7.2 & Mixbus 8.2 Release! 



2023-01-23 20:18

reporter   ~0027223

The external screen I am using is not an Apple one. I tried setting the color correction to "Generic RGB Profile" as suggested in the other Mac performance related issue. It did improve the performance a little.


2023-02-10 01:00

administrator   ~0027344

Last edited: 2023-02-10 01:00

There has been some progress, please see 0009201


2023-07-04 18:15

reporter   ~0027854

The same session on Ardour 7.5 runs pretty smoothly. You can see the playhead stutter just slightly. In other words - the performance is massively better now.

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