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0009188ardourbugspublic2023-01-07 04:16
Reporterdking952012 Assigned Tox42  
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version11
Product Version7.2 
Summary0009188: Plugin internal time not synced to Ardour in tempo change
DescriptionPlugins do not sync rhythmic and meter information to Ardour's general time in the case of tempo/meter changes. For example, a drumkit or LFO will sync with a song's beginning tempo, but will only sync with that tempo even after a new tempo has been entered. This is true even for regions not crossing the tempo change threshold (starting in the new tempo still syncs with the first). The same is true for meter changes. The plugins synced just fine with both things in 6.9. I have tested with two plugins on Windows 11 with Ardour 7.2:

Strike, by Air Music (VST2)

Vital (VST3)
Steps To Reproduce-New Session

-Add new tempo and change it (or time signature for meter issues)

-Create midi track

-Create midi region

-Create midi notes on both sides or one crossing tempo threshold

-Plugins do not recognize the changes
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2023-01-07 04:16

administrator   ~0027166

Fixed in 7.2-87-gebf7afc482

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