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0009178ardourdocumentationpublic2022-12-20 21:07
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Summary0009178: Documentation: include more sites for discovering new plugins for Ardour on Linux
DescriptionIf it is possible please mention additional sites for discovering plugins for Linux in the documentation of Ardour.

Place in the documentation:

Proposed sites for discovering additional plugins:
etc ...

(I personally found the first one the most useful and most comprehensive - relatively.)
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2022-12-20 20:58

administrator   ~0027128

I agree that we should remove that page from ardour's documentation and rather delegate things to KVR and more dedicated sites to the subject


2022-12-20 21:07

reporter   ~0027129

Additional "aggregators":

I still think, it would almost be better to place a new tab "Resources" on the page, or to add a group to the "Community" tab. It's maybe easier to manage it - downloaded/generated manuals cold otherways remain out-of-date.

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