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0009168ardourfeaturespublic2022-12-16 16:47
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Product Version7.2 
Summary0009168: Editor view, also remember edit list and edit mixer

In the Editor views one can store the track states. However also : edit list and edit mixer and which track is hidden could be stored.

One use for Editor view is a fast way to view better tracks. Since the other also helps much to view better tracks, could they be included.

Mbr Patrik
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2022-12-16 13:21

administrator   ~0027104

Last edited: 2022-12-16 13:22

That should already be the case.

Can you check the file instant.xml - which saves the GUI state - in your session folder?
there should be the following information saved (and later restored)
show-editor-mixer="1" show-editor-list="1" editor-list-page="6"


2022-12-16 14:25

reporter   ~0027105

Hello, I checked, that the edit mixer and the edit list states could not be restored. (track zoom state works). I've attached here the file you requested:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <LocationUI clock-mode="BBT"/>
  <Main x="0" y="0" w="1366" h="813" current-tab="editor"/>
  <Mixer mixer-rhs-pane1-pos="0.60000002384185791" mixer-rhs_pane2-pos="0.69999998807907104" mixer-list-hpane-pos="0.20000000298023224" mixer-inner-pane-pos="0.80000001192092896" narrow-strips="0" show-mixer="0" maximised="0" show-mixer-list="0" monitor-section-visible="0" foldback-strip-visible="1" show-vca-pane="1">
    <Window name="Mixer" visible="0" x-off="-1" y-off="-1" x-size="-1" y-size="-1" tabbed="1"/>
    <Window name="Preferences" visible="1" x-off="0" y-off="0" x-size="841" y-size="735" tabbed="0"/>
  <Meterbridge show-meterbridge="0">
    <geometry x-size="163" y-size="387" x-pos="3" y-pos="29"/>
  <Recorder recorder-vpane-pos="0.75">
    <Window name="Recorder" visible="0" x-off="-1" y-off="-1" x-size="-1" y-size="-1" tabbed="1"/>
  <TriggerPage triggerpage-hpane-pos="0.23154363036155701" triggerpage-sidebar-page="0">
    <Window name="Cues" visible="0" x-off="506" y-off="27" x-size="856" y-size="711" tabbed="1"/>
    <Clock name="primary" mode="BBT" on="1"/>
    <Clock name="secondary" mode="Timecode" on="1"/>
    <Clock name="bigclock" mode="Timecode" on="1"/>
    <Clock name="nudge" mode="Timecode" on="1"/>
    <Clock name="EditorTimeInfo-selection-start" mode="Timecode" on="0"/>
    <Clock name="EditorTimeInfo-selection-end" mode="Timecode" on="0"/>
    <Clock name="EditorTimeInfo-selection-length" mode="Timecode" on="0"/>
    <Clock name="EditorTimeInfo-punch-start" mode="Timecode" on="0"/>
    <Clock name="EditorTimeInfo-punch-end" mode="Timecode" on="0"/>
    <Clock name="ToolbarTimeInfo-selection-start" mode="Timecode" on="0"/>
    <Clock name="ToolbarTimeInfo-selection-end" mode="Timecode" on="0"/>
    <Clock name="ToolbarTimeInfo-selection-length" mode="Timecode" on="0"/>
  <LastUsedSnapshot name="pat second"/>
  <Editor id="49" edit-horizontal-pane-pos="0.86783438920974731" notebook-shrunk="0" edit-vertical-pane-pos="0.90518516302108765" mixer-width="Wide" zoom-focus="ZoomFocusPlayhead" zoom="172" grid-type="GridTypeBeat" snap-mode="SnapMagnetic" internal-grid-type="GridTypeBeat" internal-snap-mode="SnapOff" pre-internal-grid-type="GridTypeBeat" pre-internal-snap-mode="SnapMagnetic" edit-point="EditAtMouse" visible-track-count="-1" draw-length="GridTypeNone" draw-velocity="-1" draw-channel="-1" playhead="0" left-frame="176302" y-origin="0" maximised="1" follow-playhead="1" stationary-playhead="0" mouse-mode="MouseDraw" join-object-range="1" show-editor-mixer="1" show-editor-list="1" editor-list-page="0" show-marker-lines="0" show-touched-automation="0" nudge-clock-value="a1411200000@a0">
    <Window name="Editor" visible="0" x-off="-1" y-off="-1" x-size="-1" y-size="-1" tabbed="1"/>
    <EditorLocations clock-mode="BBT"/>


2022-12-16 16:47

reporter   ~0027106

your wrote it should read as xml as following
show-editor-mixer="1" show-editor-list="1" editor-list-page="6"

My session file was different
show-editor-mixer="1" show-editor-list="1" editor-list-page="0" show-marker-lines="0" show-touched-automation="0" nudge-clock-value="a1411200000@a0">

I did try several time to save with edit list with above elements disabled and the enabled them again. Finally i loaded the saved edit, but it did not affect the elements, only track zoom state.

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