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0009164ardourbugspublic2022-12-20 06:28
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Product Version7.2 
Summary0009164: Ardour plays wrong
DescriptionHere i have a video made. Error is still agin.
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2022-12-14 10:03

reporter   ~0027080

Seems Ardour is completely overwhelmed with the midi file - maybe because of pitch bend data


2022-12-14 10:04

reporter   ~0027081

Ardour plays sometimes wrong elsewhere


2022-12-14 10:38

reporter   ~0027082

mp3 export also wrong - The bass is not playing at the beginning....and then it plays wrong
Here is the mp3 export -


2022-12-14 12:04

reporter   ~0027083

I think the problem here are the pitch bend data - because all other projects work.
here is the original midi file - the bass makes the biggest problems.


2022-12-14 15:37

administrator   ~0027090

We do need a lot more information.

Which note(s) are played wrong? At what timestamp?
What do you mean with "plays wrong"? Is the timing off? Is a note missing?

Can you isolate the problem? ideally to a single MIDI region with just a few notes.

Which MIDI Track and Channel has the Bass that is not playing? Perhaps Channel Volume is zero?

Can you check with the plugin "ACE MIDI Monitor" (add it before the synth) if all events are sent to the synth as you expect?


2022-12-14 16:03

reporter   ~0027091

After start Ardour it play a few minutes right. But after about 10-15min, some notes were played in the false ranges, as here in the video you see

Not always the same - it's randomly. As the tracks gets corrupt over time.....

The bass track is the 2nd track in the midi file here
The beginning looks so (screenshot).

Here is a mp3 export from Ardour where you here the error:
The first few bars you hear no bass (but the notes are there) and then some bass notes are played in the wrong note range. The first 7 seconds of the file you hear no bass (but the bass is there) and in second 8-9 you hear a false note range.

Randomly the wrong note range is one of the problems - i think the pitch bend data mess up Ardour.
Now i started Ardour and all is playing good - the problem came today in the morning after i work with the project about 15minutes. I recorded only a audio track, or adjusted the level of tracks or the ACE EQ setting i edited.

I have just re-exported it: At the moment all sounds right. You hear the right sounds and can so hear the difference / error:
Bass Track.jpg (68,384 bytes)   
Bass Track.jpg (68,384 bytes)   


2022-12-14 16:18

reporter   ~0027092

Here you hear and see the error from 5minutes ago - Ardour 7.2.5


2022-12-14 16:47

administrator   ~0027093

Thank you, the video helps a lot!


2022-12-15 15:58

reporter   ~0027094

info to 7.2.10 - now the track 2 or 3 plays wrong too - and sometimes track 2 (or 3) play a note about 1 second i stoped.
And now the wrong playing is nearly alwas reproduceabel. Project needs only 3 times played (only the first 10 bars needed) and then the error comes.


2022-12-15 19:32

administrator   ~0027095

There has been no change that would explain this.

I still cannot reproduce this. Here the bass track plays just fine repeatedly.

Looking at the vimeo video, the main difference is that I use 48k/1024 (not 44.1/512) and an English system (dot as decimal separator). Neither should make a difference but I'll check.
I also use a debug (not optimized) build.


2022-12-15 19:53

reporter   ~0027096

I found now out some things: The new "problem" track caused by Redux - i loaded the sound new to Redux and now it works.
But the Bass was/is played from the General Midi Synth.

After loading the Sound new to Redux, now my project plays right. All tracks.

Are there any Sys-Ex data in the tracks what messes up the Redux or the GM Midi Synth? (i don't know if Ardour has an "old school" list editor with all midi events....)


2022-12-15 19:58

administrator   ~0027097 -- but only shows notes, not all MIDI Events.


2022-12-15 20:00

administrator   ~0027098

Ardour's GM Synth handles SysEx messages (eg. MTS - MIDI Tuning Standard) .
I do however not see any SysEx messages in the file that you have linked (You can leave your hat on.mid) - Also Arodur would show SysEx on the Editor timeline if there were any


2022-12-15 20:15

reporter   ~0027099

New findings:
If i adjust the monitor volume, redux plays note very long. But, i assigned the Behringer controller only to the Monitor Level and Stop, Play and Record Button in Ardour. Not at any track nor to any function of Redux. In Redux no Macros are active. Neither PitchBend.
Midi Setting.jpg (52,584 bytes)   
Midi Setting.jpg (52,584 bytes)   


2022-12-15 20:28

reporter   ~0027100

Here ist my Ardour project:


2022-12-15 21:33

reporter   ~0027101

After some further tests: The controller is the cause for the problem. If i don't touch the controller (the slider which is assigned to the monitor level) then the project is playing ok.

How is in Ardour the setting, that only Ardour self should react/listen to the controller - and only what i assign?


2022-12-16 21:00

reporter   ~0027107

Unfortunately i have to say....the conrtoller is not the cause. Without the controller Ardour plays wrong. The bass is after playing the project 3 or 4 times only 20 seconds from start (2.3.0000) wrong in that way


2022-12-16 21:18

reporter   ~0027108

The controller messes up Redux - maybe there are 2 problems. BTW also at AV Linux.


2022-12-17 08:11

reporter   ~0027109

Wrong pitch of notes bouncing results:
Ardour 7.2.12


2022-12-17 13:24

reporter   ~0027111

Deaktivated Bass and the Distortion 1 track which brings Redux in trouble with the controller. (to mix the project i exported the 2 tracks as Wav out of Cubase and imported to Ardour.
Now the project works normal - include Behringer Controller.
The cause are the 2 tracks. I mean the controller / Pitch Bend / Automatism is the reason.....good luck to find the reason. But it's really in 2-3 minutes reproduceable. I testet on LInux Mint 21, AV Linux, and Linux Mint DE5 (Debian version). All the same.


2022-12-19 19:16

administrator   ~0027122

I would suggest testing with another synth. ACE Reasonable Synth would be a good choice.


2022-12-19 20:56

reporter   ~0027123

But that synth is not usable for projects..... i uploaded my whole "problem" project here. I think it saves time for all, you test in my project all what you need. Here is a info from PMB Sound:

And Robin maybe had tried out something.


2022-12-19 21:38

administrator   ~0027124

I wasn't suggesting it was usable. It's a mechanism to differentiate issues with a given plugin versus issues in the host/DAW/Ardour.

Us testing your project is efficient, it is true, except that we have dozens or hundreds of issues to work on, while you have ... less :)


2022-12-20 06:28

reporter   ~0027125

Oh - i searched about 2 full days and made here many infos and contributed many information. It's now the work of the devs to find it. ;-)

At the moment i have 5 projects - a mix of Audio tracks, and about 10 midi tracks with Redux, Speedrum and ACE Fluid Synth.
4 projects work fine. Only that "problem" project makes errors. I think Ardour has a big problem with Pitch Bend data, because this is the only project of me, where pitchbend data are used. Details you find above.

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