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0009162ardourbugspublic2023-02-26 19:59
ReporterDonJaime Assigned To 
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PlatformArchOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version7.1 
Summary0009162: Bars and beats and MIDI tracks ignore tempo changes
DescriptionI have several sessions with variable tempo containing MIDI and audio tracks. During playback the MIDI playback gets increasingly out of phase with the audio. The bars and beats grid still lines up with the MIDI notes, but neither of them seem to be taking the tempo changes seriously.
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2022-12-12 16:15

reporter   ~0027033

Session files


2022-12-13 18:55

reporter   ~0027056

Still happens in 7.2


2022-12-14 13:48

reporter   ~0027085

Good Night.ardour (856,728 bytes)


2023-02-23 11:09

reporter   ~0027407

Still there in 7.3


2023-02-23 16:06

administrator   ~0027409

We would need a session archive to work on this, not just the .ardour file. This is not trivially reproduceable, which is why it isn't fixed yet.


2023-02-25 14:18

reporter   ~0027410

Here's a session archive featuring one drawn and one imported midi track and an audio track recorded from them in Ardour 6.9, so you can hear how Ardour 7 Birtwhistles everything.

Uploading a 1.1MB session archive fails. Here it is:


2023-02-26 19:59

reporter   ~0027415

Dropped one stereo channel. Maybe this will upload now.

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