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0009156ardourbugspublic2022-12-11 15:22
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Product Version7.1 
Summary0009156: Controller can since 7.1.244 not assigned to the top left buttons (rec, play, stop etc....)
DescriptionSince 7.1.244 i'm not able to assign the controller to the buttons of the top. Only a few buttons can assigned in the monitor section.
Strg+ middle mouse brings no function alert. The monitor volume works.
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2022-12-10 18:24

reporter   ~0027009

Works correct after restart - something was crashed.


2022-12-10 18:28

reporter   ~0027010

The error comes only, if i close a open project and opens another. No controller function at the whole top area (play, stop, rec.....)


2022-12-11 01:11

administrator   ~0027014

MIDI learn control surface bindings are per-session. If you close a session and open another, they will not persist. This is intentional.

If you want persistent control, you should create a binding map and use that.


2022-12-11 12:42

reporter   ~0027025 all my projects i had assigned my controller for Monitor Leve, and play, stop, rec (not more at the moment).

So if i close a project and load another project (in which the controller is assigned) i would expect as user, that it works. Do you mean that this is not working?
And the monitor level assign works. But not the complete buttons / functions at the toolbar on the top.

About creating a map as you mentioned here:

It's looks very complicated....let me wish an improvement, that i can create a map with your great learning method:
1. learn the conrtoller to Ardour
2. Export the controller learnings as map
3. Offer the possiblity to manage the map setting and the installation with user friendly menu's

At the end a solution, that the controller settings not deleted, if a project is startet without a controller.


2022-12-11 15:22

administrator   ~0027028

To repeat: MIDI Learn is a per-session thing, it does not persist across sessions.

As for the binding maps, lots of people have successfully created a binding map for their device. I agree that it would be nice to do MIDI Learn + Export binding map, but this is merely one more nice thing of many thousands of nice things that we haven't had time to do yet.

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