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0009143ardourfeaturespublic2022-12-06 23:31
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Summary0009143: Attach description / notes to session snapshots
DescriptionOver the course of creating a song, I like to use snapshots to capture the state at various points of the process. I also often create a snapshot thread to explore a particular idea that may or may not come to fruition. Right now the only metadata a snapshot has is its name, which usually isn't high fidelity enough for the context I want to include. It'd be delightful to be able to attach a text note to a snapshot so I can more easily keep track of which snapshot is which, especially when returning to a track after a few weeks or more of not working on it.



2022-12-06 23:31

administrator   ~0026988

You could use Ardour Menu > Session > Metadata > Description

The main downside is that it is only visible there (not in the recent session dialog, nor the snapshot list in the editor's sidebar).
The description is also inhered by new snapshots (which may be fine).

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